SoMachine Configuration

Course Code: INDECI000028

Duration: 3 Days

Time: 8:30 - 4:30

Type: Instructor Led


Cost: $1800 USD


This 3-Day course is designed to introduce participants to the SoMachine software package  in a condensed training format.  This course covers the basics required to work with, and develop applications.  Participant's are provided with a quick introduction to the SoMachine software, Servo based motion and the SCU HMI/Controller integration. This is an in-depth, hands-on technical training with many supporting exercises.  Basic programming of the Magelis SCU is also covered.  This course assumes prior Vijeo Designer experience and does not focus on screen development.

Labs include:  Creation of a "Labeling Machine" that includes a state machine with manual, automatic and error handling modes, IO configuration, operation, CANopen configuration and operation, simple motion control via CAN to an ILA drive , Magelis SCU interface to the developed machine is also covered..

Target Audience

  • Software engineers and Commissioning staff
  • Service and maintenance staff
  • Sales force
  • People that require a more indepth knowledge of SoMachine


The following equipment is used in this training:
  • SoMachine Work Station that consists of a M241 controller, ILA Servo Drive, SCU, CANopen bus and OTB modules
  • Laptop computers for programming the hardware provided by the student.  Some loaners are available.  Students should arrive with software installed


By the end of this training, the student will be able to:
  • Describe SoMachine's purpose
  • Create an application from the ground up
  • Describe the computer requirements for the SoMachine software
  • Describe SoMachine's basic features
  • Navigate SoMachine's GUI and Home Screen
  • Configure basic system parameters
  • Restore an archived project
  • Configure controller programming communications
  • Connect to a SoMachine controller
  • Download a restored archive project
  • Test the operation of the workstation
  • Test the operation of the ILA drive
  • Configure a controller for HMI interface (symbol list)
  • Configure a Magelis SCU
  • Create visualizations
  • Control an application from a visualization
  • Control an application from a SCU
  • Implement error handling in an application
  • Describe the operation of a state machine
  • Develop a simple SCU based project


PLC programming knowledge and knowledge of Vijeo Designer us useful


$1,800.00 Participant Pricing


Note of Interest

Training will be confirmed when a min. of 6 participants have registered.

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