Discover SoMachine Seminar


Duration: 1 Day

Time: 8:30 - 4:30

Type: Instructor Led

Language: English

Cost: $500 USD


This 1 day seminar is designed to introduce interested students to the SoMachine Software package while providing them with some hands on experience with a M251 controller.  The instructor will lead the students through the configuration of the controller as well as the creation of a simple control program.   Customers registering for this course will receive a SoMachine Starter kit, consisting of a M251 controller, power supply, USB programming cable and Licenced SoMachine Software, that is theirs to keep

Target Audience

  • Customers considering using MachineStruxure controllers and SoMachine
  • Users who seek an overview of the SoMachine Software
  • Potential customers for the flexible control product line 


The following equipment is used in this training:

  • A small M251 based workstation
  • Laptop provided by the student.  If student PC does hot have soMachine installed, a Virtual machine will be provided


Upon completing this seminar, the student will be able to:

  • Describe SoMachine's purpose
  • Describe SoMachine's basic features
  • Navigate SoMachine's GUI
  • Configure basic system parameters
  • Create and restore archived projects
  • Configure communications between PC and Controller
  • Develop and test a couple of simple controller projects

Related Courses

INDTECI000028 - SoMachine Configuration




  • Introduction to MachineStructure products and the workstation
  • Hardware & system requirements
  • Software installation and authorization
  • Software overview
  • POU programs and function blocks
  • Variable types and creation
  • Boot application
  • Case Study - 3 Pump lift station

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$500.00 Participant Pricing


Note of Interest

Training will be confirmed when a min. of 6 participants have registered.

Please enter your request for an onsite training request or to have a scheduled session in your area. We will contact you to when a session has been scheduled.