Citect Configuration - 2016

Course Code: CFSA 20

Duration: Four day course, with lunch provided

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Type: Basic

Language: English

Accredited by the SAIEE: 3 CPD

Cost: R12, 000 / $769


Gain insight into Citect project design and become familiar with configuration

techniques. This interactive course includes practice with plant control, data collection,

trending and reporting.

Target Audience

• Those who want to become familiar with  Citect project development techniques

• Citect users, including engineering staff, maintenance staff and plant


• Technical users who maintain and improve their installed  Citect and control


• Managers who want more than a basic understanding of  Citect

• Citect System Integrators and Designers


It is essential that students are familiar with Windows operating systems.

Experience in PLC control system design and/or programming is desirable.

Course Outline

Day One involves introduction to the various components of  Citect, project design, communications and graphics:

• Citect Project Editor

• Citect Graphics Builder

• Cicode Editor

• Managing Projects

• Include Projects

• Setting up Communications

• Graphics


Day Two implements various areas of the project design, including controls and alarms:

• Commands & Controls

• Genies and Super-genies

• Devices

• Events

• Alarm


Day Three continues with the project design elements of  Citect and introduces methods of reporting and monitoring the system:

• Equipment Editor

• Trends


Day Four

• Process Analyst

• Navigation

• Accumulators

• Reports

• Security


R 12,000.00 Participant Pricing


Note of Interest

Training will be confirmed when a min. of 4 participants have registered.

Please enter your request for an onsite training request or to have a scheduled session in your area. We will contact you to when a session has been scheduled.

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