Low Voltage Electrical Distribution (L.V.E.D)

Course Code: CFSA-02

Duration: Three-day course, with lunch provided

Time: 08:00 - 16:00

Type: Advanced

Language: English

Accredited by the SAIEE: 3 CPD

Cost: R9, 000


Instruction and assessment in selection, critical functions, fault analysis and safety

aspects of low voltage electrical distribution installations. The aim of this course is to

raise the standard of knowledge and skill amongst learners concerned with the

design, installation or maintenance of low voltage electrical distribution and power

switching component systems, including modern ‘cutting edge’ technology and

engineering ‘codes of practice’.

Target Audience

This course is designed to suit Systems Integrators, OEM’s, Consulting Engineers,

End Users or anyone designing or maintaining electrical distribution in the electrical



You will need advanced background in Electrical, Technical and Engineering principles.

• It is also recommended that students bring calculators and laptops without

administrator rights


Day One consists of theory and practical:

• Circuit breaker development

• Basic symbols, acronyms and descriptions

• Standards IEC, SABS, and testing

• Current limitation of circuit breakers

• Earthing systems and earth leakage

• Correct cable section and volt drop calculations

• Power quality, power factor and harmonics

• Voltage sags

• Fault level calculations and diversifying factors

• Introduction to network design


Day Two consists of theory

• Schneider range of products

• Specify the final distribution equipment and accessories, product muti9, vitawatt

• Specify the intermediate distribution and trip modules, includes Easypact, NSX and NS

• Specify final distribution equipment and trip modules includes masterpack and micrologic trip units

• Coordination of circuit breakers includes cascading, discrimination and reading discrimination table


Day Three continues with practical:

• Design a network

• Design two projects using Ecodial software




R 9,000.00 Participant Pricing


Note of Interest

Training will be confirmed when a min. of 4 participants have registered.

Please enter your request for an onsite training request or to have a scheduled session in your area. We will contact you to when a session has been scheduled.

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