SPD Surge Protection Devices

Course Code: CFSA-26

Duration: Half day workshop

Time: 10:00 - 14:15

Type: Technology day

Language: English

Cost: No Charge



Introduction and assessment in selection, critical functions, S.P.D Technology and

safety. The aim of this course is to raise the standard of knowledge and skill amongst

learners concerned with selection, installation and protections of S.P.D Devices.


Target Audience


This course is intended for electricians, technicians, consulting and plant engineers

who require a working knowledge of S.P.D Devices




Students attending this course should have a fundamental understanding of

electrical low voltage




• What is surge protection?

• SPD Technology

• Installation

• Coordination of SPD

• Selection of SPD

• Q&A



Note of Interest

Training will be confirmed when a min. of 4 participants have registered.

Please enter your request for an onsite training request or to have a scheduled session in your area. We will contact you to when a session has been scheduled.

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