Cicode Programming

Course Code: CFSA 04

Duration: Two day course, with lunch provided

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Type: Basic

Language: English

Accredited by the SAIEE: 2 CPD

Cost: R6, 000 / $384


Learn about basic programming techniques using the Cicode programming language

in this hands-on interactive course. The course is aimed at the user who has had no

programming experience. It is also useful for the experienced user who wishes to become familiar with Cicode.

Target Audience

• Programmers and non-programmers who want to become familiar with Cicode language

• CitectSCADA System Integrators and Designers

• Technical users who develop and maintain their installed CitectSCADA or Vijeo Citect and control systems


• Students must be familiar with Windows operating systems

• It is also recommended that students attend the CitectSCADA / Vijeo Citect

Configuration course prior to attending this course, or have a good working knowledge

of CitectSCADA / Vijeo Citect

• A general understanding of PLC communication is recommended.

Course Outline

Day 1 of 2

Day One involves introduction to the various components

of CitectSCADA / Vijeo Citect, project design,

communications and graphics:

• Introduction

• Commands

• Expressions

• Variable Operators

• The Cicode Editor

• Simple Cicode Functions

• Writing Simple Functions

- Function Syntax

- Void Functions

- Cicode Variables

- Converting and Formatting Cicode Variables

- Include Files


Day 2 of 2

Day Two inplements various areas of the project design,

including controls, alarms and the graphic interface


• Conditional Executors

- IF Statement

- FOR Loop

- WHILE Loop

- SELECT CASE Statement

• Return Functions

• Arrays

• Comments

• Debugging


R 6,000.00 Participant Pricing


Note of Interest

Training will be confirmed when a min. of 4 participants have registered.

Please enter your request for an onsite training request or to have a scheduled session in your area. We will contact you to when a session has been scheduled.

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