Citect Configuration - 2016 - Virtual Training

Duration: Four-day course

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Type: Basic

Language: English

Cost: R10,400 / $600 per person excluding vat - Pricing subject to change


Gain insight into Citect project design and become familiar with configuration

techniques. This interactive course includes practice with plant control, data collection,

trending and reporting.

Target Audience

• Those who want to become familiar with  Citect project development techniques

• Citect users, including engineering staff, maintenance staff and plant


• Technical users who maintain and improve their installed  Citect and control


• Managers who want more than a basic understanding of  Citect

• Citect System Integrators and Designers


It is essential that students are familiar with Windows operating systems.

Experience in PLC control system design and/or programming is desirable.

Customer Requirements

10 Gigabyte of Data per day with up and down speeds of 1.5 Megabits/second

Two monitors

A Tablet (Eg. iPad) with internet access to read the manual on

Preinstallation of Software for the course, using all the default settings in the software  installation wizard,

Microsoft Teams camera that is operational

Headset with Microphone

Administration Rights on their PC

Windows 7

Note book and pen

Links to be tested (one business day prior to training)

Students to log on at least 10 minutes before the course start time 

Students to be prepared to engaged in the class, as there will be various Quizzes during the course

Class Times: 

09h00 – Session 1

10h00 – Break

10h30 – Session 2

12h30 – Lunch

13h30 – Session 3

14h15 – Break

14h30 – Session 4

17h00 – End of the Day

Course Outline

Day One involves introduction to the various components of  Citect, project design, communications and graphics:

• Citect Project Editor

• Citect Graphics Builder

• Cicode Editor

• Managing Projects

• Include Projects

• Setting up Communications

• Graphics


Day Two implements various areas of the project design, including controls and alarms:

• Commands & Controls

• Genies and Super-genies

• Devices

• Events

• Alarm


Day Three continues with the project design elements of  Citect and introduces methods of reporting and monitoring the system:

• Equipment Editor

• Trends


Day Four

• Process Analyst

• Navigation

• Accumulators

• Reports

• Security



R 10,400.00 Participant Pricing


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